Sliced barbecue brisket -- well fed employees are happy employees

Paul’s Sous Vide Brisket Recipe (Full Bellies Make Happy Employees)

December 20, 2019

Paul’s Brisket Recipe: “Happy bellies make for happy owners, managers, and employees.”  During our AADOM Live! event here in Tucson, we had catering brought in from one of our favorite local vegetarian places called Tumerico. Still, we wanted to offer a little meat for our omnivorous guests that day, as well. Many of you may…

a conversation between cedr ceo paul edwards and build my team ceo dr. michael neal

‘Build My Team’ Makes Hiring for Healthcare Easy

December 12, 2019

Experience Hiring Made Easy with ‘Build My Team’ Dr. Micheal Neal is a healthcare professional, practice owner, and CEDR Member. So, when it comes to juggling the responsibilities of owning a business, managing a team, and practicing optometry (his area of specialty), he’s been there. Dr. Neal knows firsthand that hiring for healthcare is tough. And,…

Grieving Female Employee Sits On Chair Feels Depressed, Offended

How to Work with Grieving Employees

December 4, 2019

Good Grief: Dealing with Loss in the Workplace You will hear us talk a lot at CEDR about building a more “human” workplace. Where this phrase might seem synonymous with offering fun activities to increase employee engagement, the concept actually goes much deeper.  Humans are complicated creatures and, in order to “walk the walk” when…

CEDR Solution Center Advisor Tiana Starke offer holiday party guidance

Office Holiday Party Guidance

November 19, 2019

The Office Holiday Party: A Guide for Managers ‘Tis the season, and we all know what that means — warm drinks, cold weather and, of course, the ever-popular office holiday party! We recognize that not all of you are going to pair their holiday party with alcohol, and there are many options which do not…

BuiltInNYC photo of Monetate NYC headquarters core values wall

How Your Company’s Core Values Support Your Business

November 13, 2019

Creating and Living Your Company’s Core Values Pays Off Big. Here’s How. When thinking about strategic HR and team management planning for your business, it’s important to take some time to establish a strong sense of your Company Culture, and that starts with defining your Core Values.  But, What Is Company Culture?  In a 2014…

This infographic explains how to get the most out of your job descriptions

How to Write Job Descriptions That Work for You — Infographic

November 6, 2019

How to Put Your Job Descriptions to Work for You Job Descriptions do more than simply outline duties for a given position. If well-written, they also make expectations clear for employees, make managing easier, and reduce vulnerability for your business when an employee is living up to their end of the bargain. In fact, all…

Group of medical professionals brainstorming in a meeting. Team of healthcare workers discussing in boardroom with female doctor presenting her plan.

When Is the Right Time to Hold a Team Meeting?

October 23, 2019

When (Not) to Hold Team Meetings In the CEDR Solution Center, we help business owners address and solve upwards of 10,000 HR issues every year. Figuring out how to talk to your team about problems is way harder than most imagine, and it tops the list of things that our members ask for help with….

Paul Edwards and Jack Hooper discuss H.R.A.s in this video

HRAs Make It Easy to Provide Tax-Free Health Benefits to Your Employees

October 8, 2019

Open Enrollment for HRAs is Coming: Huge News on the Employer Health Insurance Front! This new legislation is changing the way that employers provide health benefits to their employees, tax-free! Watch the video to see Jack explain how it all works. We couldn’t be more excited for you!  Debuting in January 2020, TCH’s new HRA…

Abstract Malware Ransomware virus encrypted files with keypad on binary bit red background. Vector illustration cybercrime and cyber security concept.

Dental Tech Companies Suffer Ransomware Attack

September 24, 2019

Recent Ransomware Hacks of Two Dental Tech Companies Expose HIPAA Vulnerabilities (Protect Your Practice with a Free Business Associate Agreement from CEDR). Two dental technology companies recently had their systems held hostage by ransomware attacks, affecting an estimated 400 dental practices.  If you are a dental professional that relies on a third-party company to store…

Pregnant Woman Holding Ultrasound Scan Of Her Baby

Do I Have to Hire Someone Because They Are Pregnant?

September 4, 2019

She Didn’t Tell Me She Was Pregnant. Do I Still Have to Hire Her? Picture this: You hire an employee who seems to be a perfect fit for your team. You formally offer her the job, train her up, and her first week goes swimmingly. Then, just as she’s starting to gel with you and…