July 27, 2016

The Magical Number for Exempt Employees: CEDR’s Newest HR Infographic


As of 11/22/16, a Texas federal judge has issued an injunction barring enforcement of the new U.S. Department of Labor overtime regulations that had been scheduled to become effective on December 1. Employers in all states are no longer required to comply with these rule changes.

More information can be found here

Wouldn’t it be great if the FLSA exemption rules were simple to learn and follow perfectly? Well, we can’t change the fact that this is a complex subject. But we can DEFINITELY make the details snazzier.

Here’s a quick-reference HR infographic on the new “magic number” for exempt employees, $47,476. We’ve also given you some quick-and-pretty guidelines on what else to consider before you classify an employee as exempt from overtime pay requirements.

And if you haven’t read our previous articles on this critical HR topic—or used our Overtime Costs Calculator to find out what’s in your best interest—you’ll want to check those out as well. They’re linked right after the infographic.


Remember, your compliance deadline is coming up! As of December 2016, employees who earn less than $47,476 or do not meet the other requirements must be classified as nonexempt. This means their time must be tracked and they must be paid overtime when applicable.

We hope you enjoyed our infographic. For our original post on the New Overtime Rules, click HERE.

To view a CEDR webinar on this topic, access an Exempt/Non-Exempt Self-Audit Guide, or use our Overtime Costs Calculator (and more), just click HERE.

And if you’d like guidance on how to have those “COMPlicated Comp Conversations with Managers,” click HERE.

Have a question about correctly classifying exempt and nonexempt employees in your medical or dental practice? Just give CEDR a call at 866-414-6056. Our HR Advisors are here to help!

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Friendly Disclaimer: This information is general in nature, and is not intended to replace good counsel about a specific issue with either your attorney or your favorite HR expert.

Friendly Disclaimer: This information is general in nature and is not intended to provide legal advice or replace individual guidance about a specific issue with an attorney or HR expert. The information on this page is general human resources guidance that is believed to be current as of the date of publication. Note that CEDR is not a law firm, and as the law is always changing, you should consult with a qualified attorney or HR expert who is familiar with all of the facts of your situation before making a decision about any human resources or employment law matter.

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