Based in sunny Tucson, Arizona, CEDR HR Solutions provides HR for Life to small and medium-sized healthcare practices across the United States. That means both HR for the life of your business, and to help you free up more time to live the life you want to live.


Nobody Does HR Better.

As the number-one provider of custom employee handbooks and expert HR guidance to private dental, medical, and wellness practices, CEDR HR Solutions has helped thousands of business owners and practice managers like you build and manage rockstar teams since 2006.

In addition to unbeatable HR concierge service and legally compliant employee handbooks, we also provide our Solution Center Members with unlimited access to powerful HR software, whitelabeled HR forms and documents, and easy-to-use on-demand HIPAA training.

Over the course of your career, you’ll spend more time with your employees and coworkers than you will with your own family. That said, the way that you manage your team and enforce your office policies can affect your life in more ways than you may realize.

Better Workplaces Make Better Lives.

Most employers know that having happy employees makes work more enjoyable. Studies show that happy employees are also up to 20 percent more productive than unhappy ones, and that businesses with happy workers actually tend to make more money.

But how can employers keep their teams content and fully engaged at work? The most important part of the equation involves putting the right policies in place and implementing them fairly and consistently across the board.

Well-Written Policies Protect Your Business.

Not only do well-written policies help your employees understand what is expected of them, but they can also protect your business from potential employment lawsuits and government audits. And since one in five small to medium-sized businesses will face an employment lawsuit at some point in their existence at an average cost of $125,000 to defend, few (if any) small to midsize employers can afford to treat compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws as an afterthought.

Though business owners sometimes tend to think of avoiding wage and hour violations and optimizing policy enforcement practices as low priority, the unfortunate truth is that it only takes one complaint by a current or former employee to trigger a Department of Labor audit of your business. And, in the event that your business is singled out for evaluation, your employee handbook and consistent HR documentation are likely to be the only pieces of evidence working in your favor.

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Your Business Is Unique — Your Policies Should Be, Too.

Your business is as unique as you are, and the policies you implement should be a reflection of that uniqueness. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to managing your team or your practice. Even the way that employment laws are applied to your business will vary based on your business’ location and size.

The HR experts in the CEDR Solution Center know this well, which is why we take care to customize each and every handbook we write for our members (and we’ve written literally thousands of them).

Want to offer vacation days that accrue based on the number of hours worked? You got it! Need policies that account for in-house treatment benefits or rotating on-call duty? No problem! Not sure how to address common employee issues like tardiness, absenteeism, or toxic attitudes? We can help with that, too!

Whatever shape it takes, we want to help you build the practice that you’ve dreamt about — and to make sure that your business and personal interests are protected along the way.

You wouldn’t buy a bargain-bin parachute. You shouldn’t settle for subpar HR support, either.

Just like you, the advisors in CEDR’s Solution Center are serious about protecting your practice. And, where you’ve dedicated your life to learning how to care for your patients, they’ve spent their lives cultivating a high level of expertise in HR practices and employment law in order to help professionals like you manage with confidence.

Though other businesses might seem happy to sever their relationship with you as soon as your check clears, as an owner of a CEDR employee handbook, you’ll receive three months of unlimited access to our Solution Center, as well as help from the legal watchdogs in our compliance department to keep you ahead of any changes in the law that might affect your business.

You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for It…

Here’s what a few of our members had to say about their experience with CEDR:


“I am absolutely thrilled with the services you provide. I am so glad I found CEDR a year ago!”

    -Chris Diatte, MD. Beckett Ridge Family Medicine, West Chester Township, OH.


“CEDR does a great job! Whenever I have encountered an issue and needed guidance, their team was always quick to respond and advise.”

    -David Neumeister, DDS. Vista Pacific Dental Care, Oxnard, CA.


“I am so glad I found CEDR for our dental office. Wish I used them sooner! The entire team at CEDR is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. I am very happy with CEDR and will be referring my friends and other offices to CEDR..”

    -Brooklyn Peifer. Avalon Dental, Gilbert, AZ.


“[CEDR’s] Employee Handbook has saved me several thousand dollars in unemployment costs with the State of Texas. Thanks for your help!”

    -Dennis Brender, DDS. Treaty Oak Dental, Austin, TX.


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