CEDR Does It Best.

CEDR Solutions is the #1 provider of customized employee handbooks and expert HR support for medical and dental offices and medical marijuana dispensaries. We help practice owners, doctors, and managers protect and grow their businesses.

By lessening liability, preventing disputes, and making management easier, CEDR makes your policies work for you. In other words, we bring you peace of mind.

How is CEDR Solutions Different?

Here at CEDR, employee handbooks are our #1 product, not an afterthought. With the experience we’ve gained working with thousands of practices all across the country, we make sure all of your policies are legal, help resolve employee disputes before they lead to lawsuits, and offer strong protection for your practice.

But we don’t stop there – in fact, that’s just the beginning. CEDR handbooks are fully customized to meet the unique needs of your practice, and to ensure compliance with state-specific and local laws. We also provide the regular policy updates you need to stay in compliance, armor you against risk and liability, and empower your practice for growth and success.

There’s no better value out there. In fact, considering that the average out-of-court settlement for an employment-related case is $40,000, our products pay for themselves many times over!

Game-Changer: The CEDR Solution Center

Once you’ve got the right policies in place, we help you use them as a rock-solid foundation for easier, more empowered, and less stressful practice management. CEDR Solution Center Membership means you will always have access to unlimited support by HR, management and legal experts whenever you need it.

Whatever the issue, from hiring to coaching to firing, you’ll receive one-on-one guidance or problem solving each and every time you call or email, with a focus on lowering your risks and strengthening your team.

In addition to live HR support, you’ll receive an array of powerful management tools:

  • Access to our 24/7 Members area packed with useful forms, state employment law updates, endless employer training, and more!
  • Secure storage for your HR documentation in our e-vault
  • Online HIPAA training and certification for your entire office via our user-friendly, on-demand program YourHIPAATraining.com
  • Office-wide time tracking and robust analytics with our cloud-based Time Clock It system

These are all 100% included with your problem-solved CEDR HR Solution Center membership.

Check out our products and services, give us a call at 866-414-6056 for questions, or send us a quick chat at the bottom of the page. We’re here for you!

March 30, 2015