Difference makers don’t just work at your business; they change it for the better.

Utilize existing talent and hire your dream team using the Difference Maker Toolkit. CEDR’s Difference Maker Tools are FREE and developed by HR experts.

What’s the best way to reduce turnover? Hire the right person in the first place!

Difference Makers are those employees who bring a new set of skills, new knowledge, or a shift in energy to your team. Rather than simply filling a position, difference makers create an entirely different workplace dynamic. The trouble is, how does a small practice go about sourcing this magical unicorn of an employee? In order to find a difference-maker, you have to conduct a purposeful search for a particular person.

Use CEDR’s Difference Maker Toolkit to:

Assess your current team

Make the most of existing talent

Target what you’re looking for in a new hire

Attract rockstar candidates in job ads