Top 6 Tips for Employee Policies You Can Count On

smiling male doctor stnading at front deskWhen it comes to running and managing a business, there’s ALWAYS room for improvement. That’s our motto here at CEDR. So what can you do this coming year to improve your employee policies, shore up any areas of vulnerability, and build upon where you are now?

To make sure you start 2017 feeling empowered—NOT at risk—we’ve gathered 6 tips healthcare practices can implement to improve your overall employee handbook and management strategies.

Here they are:

  1. Make sure all your policies and practices are consistent and are applied equally to everyone. (E.g., Even though Sally is your best employee and Mary is your worst, you enforce tardiness rules to both.)
  2. Remove any policies or management practices which “chill” (in ways that are stated or implied) your employees from talking about their working conditions or wages with each other or their peers.
  3. Establish “safe harbor” policies to instruct your employees to come to you with issues/concerns/observations, so you may address them in a timely manner.
  4. Avoid creating or using seemingly “common sense” policies or management practices until you have them vetted for legal compliance. Many sensible-sounding rules are simply not lawfully enforceable without expert adjustment.
  5. Find a resource (an attorney or HR professional) to help you stay up to date on the local, state and federal laws that affect your practice and to keep your employee handbook current. (We take care of policy updates for our members.)
  6. Use the FIRR Method (Fact, Impact, Reason, Request) and Progressive Corrective Coaching to encourage your employees to self-correct and improve.

By following these 6 tips and bookmarking the resources we’ve provided, you will avoid some of the most common policy issues that can lead to risky conflict AND empower yourself to handle anything that comes your way. If this information was helpful, consider becoming a CEDR member—and enjoy ongoing benefits such as unlimited HR guidance, HIPAA training, and a legally compliant always-up-to-date employee handbook.

Friendly Disclaimer: This information is general in nature, and is not intended to replace good counsel about a specific issue with either your attorney or your favorite HR expert. Owners and managers of independent healthcare practices are welcome to call CEDR Solutions at 866.414.6056 or email We’ll help you solve one ongoing issue in your practice for free!