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I am so glad I found CEDR for our dental office. Wish I used them sooner! The entire team at CEDR is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I am very happy with CEDR and will be referring my friends and other offices to CEDR.

Brooklyn Peifer,
Practice Administrator

Beckett Ridge Family Medicine, OH

I so appreciate you all! Best decision to go with CEDR!

Jennifer Parks, Owner
Jade Star Acupuncture, AZ

We had one employee who left and went to work at another practice. The practice she went to didn’t have policies and procedures for the office to follow. That same employee came back to our office and said she couldn’t work at a
place that doesn’t have standardized rules.

Deborah Parr, OM
All Smiles Dental Care, VA

CEDR filled in all the blanks for me. Several times in the past issues would arise and I had no where to turn. Now I do! Thanks to the CEDR team. Outstanding!

Dr. Kevin Clemmons
DMD | Briarwood Dental, KY

This was the best decision that was made to protect my office and my future.

Dr. Rassa Abdoll, DMD
Center for Pediatric Dentistry of Gilbert, AZ

CEDR’s experts were very helpful and sensitive to our needs. A good value, worth what I paid for it.

Dr. John Dahdah, DPM
Foot and Ankle Health Group, PA

The value of CEDR is not simply in their amazingly thorough office manuals and contracts but in the personal support that you get. With five dental offices to manage and over 70 employees, labor issues are bound to arise. CEDR has guided me through many situations by clearing up what the law states and suggesting solutions. Their monthly fee pales in comparison to how much we have saved avoiding costly HR mistakes. Contracting with CEDR was absolutely one of the best investments that we have made!

Sharon Mattern,
Business Manager

Desert Dentistry, AZ

It is definitely a customized handbook. Other companies make that claim but don’t deliver. The process is very thorough and I believe that CEDR has our best interests in mind.

Dr. Anne Fergus, DDS
Wisconsin Endodontic Group, WI

I am absolutely thrilled with the services you provide. I am so glad I found CEDR a year ago.

Dr. Chris Diatte, MD
Beckett Ridge Family Medicine, OH

CEDR does a great job! Whenever I have encountered an issue and needed guidance, their team was always quick to respond and advise.

Dr. David Neumeister, DDS
Vista Pacific Dental Care, CA

I *love* what I learn here at CEDR! Thank you so much for educating and advising me.

Dr. Malcom George, DDS
George Family Dentistry, IN

CEDR has gone above and beyond to help me and my new practice. I’ve had a lot of tough questions, and even when they didn’t have the answer, they get back to me within the day with the info I need.

Dr. Nicolle Miller, DDS
Mission Hills Family Dental, CA

It was clear that Jennie is very knowledgeable in company policies and procedures. I really appreciated the time she took to walk me through this process. She was clear and patient and did not criticize or judge when I confessed some of our inadequacies in company policy. I do feel better now that we have CEDR to help us as our practice and staff grows.

Karen Barry, Administrator
Graceland Prairie Dental, IL

CEDR is awesome and is an amazing resource for HIPPA, HIRING, CORRECTIVE ACTION and other legal concerns.

Lonna Berg,
Clinical Administrator

Taylor Drive Dental Care, WI

CEDR is well worth the money. They are always helpful and informative.

Lisa Minkowsky,
Practice Administrator

The Center for Advanced Dentistry, ME

Allow the experts to do their job for you and you focus on your office. I felt they brought things up that I would never have thought of to include in any handbook.

Dr. Kim Martin, DMD
North Shore Health Solutions, IL

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