CEDR Testimonials

John Romulus, DDS for Dynamic Dental, NC

In a changing work environment from years ago, with different work ethics and concerns, CEDR has taken a lot of the stress off from my shoulders with addressing concerns that may come up day to day. It is nice to be able to have someone to contact when you are in uncertain situations that protects

Michael Koehne, DDS for Amber Dental, IL

I am receiving the most current information to help me comply with the law. Hopefully it will prevent suits from being brought or at least put me in a defensible position

Deborah Parr (Again!)

We had one employee who left and went to work at another practice. The practice she went to didn’t have policies and procedures for the office to follow. That same employee came back to our office and said she couldn’t work at a place that doesn’t have standardized rules.

Dr. Dennis Brender, TX

I must say your employment hand book has saved me several thousand dollars in unemployment costs with the State of Texas. Thanks for you help.

Brooklyn Peifer, for Breeze Dental, AZ

I am so glad I found CEDR for our dental office. Wish I used them sooner! The entire team at CEDR is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I am very happy with CEDR and will be referring my friends and other offices to CEDR.

Leslie Craven, Office Manager, WA

Thank you so much Jennie and CEDR team! You have been the most helpful group I have ever worked with from any HR Company! I truly appreciate your professionalism and knowledge of the HR issues that dental offices deal with on a daily basis.

Dr. Anne Fergus, WI

It is definitely a customized handbook. Other companies make that claim but don’t deliver. The process is very thorough and I believe that CEDR has our best interests in mind.

Sharon Mattern, Business Manager, Desert Dentistry, AZ

The value of CEDR is not simply in their amazingly thorough office manuals and contracts but in the personal support that you get. With five dental offices to manage and over 70 employees, labor issues are bound to arise. CEDR has guided me through many situations by clearing up what the law states and suggesting

Deborah Parr, OM for All Smiles Dental Care, VA

When I initially received the handbook it caused stress in the practice because we had an employee who did not like our policies. The handbook allowed everybody to know what the rules and the laws were. Establishing the handbook worked out better in the long run.

Kim Jimenez, Office Manager, MO

It has made my job much easier knowing we are compliant and that I have someone to go to with any questions or concerns I may have.

Dr. Nicolle Miller, CA

CEDR has gone above and beyond to help me and my new practice. I’ve had a lot of tough questions, and even when they didn’t have the answer, they get back to me within the day with the info I need.

Dr. Michael Prost, AZ

The overall process from start to finish was efficient and comprehensive. This is something that I have been working on doing for years and now and in a period of 1 week it is basically done.

Dr. Kevin Clemmons, KY

CEDR filled in all the blanks for me. Several times in the past issues would arise and I had no where to turn. Now I do! Thanks to the CEDR team. Outstanding!

Rhonda Smith Darnell, Office Manager, NC

I appreciate the fact that Paul and the team at Cedr are always on top of the laws and changes as they happen. They are wonderful to work with and have the answers to any questions you may have.

Sharon Goodwin for Dr. Goodwin, NC

It was great that we’ve had Jennie working on the Handbook from the start. She addressed several concerns right away before we began the re-write stage. Great service!

Cyndi Simmons for Creekside Dental, GA

The reason I am so satisfied is the expert took time to explain everything, answered my questions in a way I can understand and never once did I feel rushed. From start to finish, the CEDR team members have been gracious, knowledgeable and made a seemingly difficult task actually interesting and enjoyable!

Dr. Walt Stinson, TN

My business is a new venture for me. I do not know what I do not know. Many times I don’t have question b/c I do not know what to ask. The expert explained things to me that I did not even know to ask. Thanks.

Karah for Dr. David Maloley, CO

CEDR’s process was personable and supportive. This is information that is not commonly known, so it’s nice to have a professional walk you through it. It’s a great resource to get the Handbook done but even better to feel more confident about our actions as business owners.

Dr. Brian Childs, FL

How could you not be satisfied? The product they provide is the most comprehensive program in the industry. They think of and address issues and items that I never even considered.

Karen Barry for Graceland Prairie Dental, IL

It was clear that Jennie is very knowledgeable in company policies and procedures. I really appreciated the time she took to walk me through this process. She was clear and patient and did not criticize or judge when I confessed some of our inadequacies in company policy. I do feel better now that we have

Donna for Cooper Dental Group, FL

I have enjoyed the whole experience with CEDR. I feel like I have formed relationships with almost everyone there. My conference call for the finalization of the hand book was extremely informative.

Dr. Carol Throckmorton, MO

There is no way that in a small business where there are many hats to your job that you can keep up with all the latest government regulations and standards. CEDR does that for you so you don’t have to worry about non compliance.

Dr. Garrett Orr, TN

I dedicated a lot of hours trying to customize the handbook from the practice I purchased and kept finding it was lacking. Having a handbook that is both thorough and legally sound as well as customized to my practice is a great relief.

Dr. Douglas Croft, ID

Let professionals do what professionals do. I got information that I didn’t like in it’s entirety, but it’s good to know that ahead of time than to get blindsided later. That’s why I hire experts to do what they do and I do what I know what I’m doing.

Dr. Amy Creech-Gionis, FL

It is daunting to most dentists to be not only excellent providers of care to our patients, but to also have time to deeply research and stay abreast of employment laws. It feels very reassuring to know that I am being supported by people whose very job is to do just that-I know that I

Dr. Max Thaney, NY

Being a new practice owner it is difficult to figure out what the laws are. You hear what people “down the street” or at the local meetings are doing, but it doesn’t separate fact from fiction. Having a group like CEDR help me navigate through Federal and State laws has replaced the feeling of uncertainty

Dr. James Segulyev, CA

The peace of mind knowing that my office policies are not only fair to my staff and myself, but that they meet and comply with the State of California’s stringent laws and rules.

Lisa Dangle for AZ Institute of Urology, AZ

CEDR’s expertise in developing our Employer Handbook has given us of peace of mind. We are confident that our handbook complies with both federal and state guidelines. Very professional and yet approachable.

Dr. Hal Rider, LA

I couldn’t imagine doing this myself and doing it correctly. Sometimes it is better to pay for convenience and peace of mind, all in what you value.

Dr. Patrice Winterholler, AZ

Wow. Those corrective action notices are wonderful! This is a whole new world! Employees will actually have to follow the rules!

Gina for Dr. O’Neil, FL

I can’t imagine going through each day without the help of CEDR! For the low monthly fee it is so worth it to be able to pick up the phone and consult with them about how to solve employee issues that come up all of the time!