little man cartoon with big checklist of employee handbook and hr policy updates

“Update Your Employee Handbook,” Say All Experts, Everywhere

“Update Your Employee Handbook,” Say All Experts, Everywhere Every January I see the same thing: lists of “Employer Resolutions” popping up all over, advising that you review your employee handbook and HR practices to make sure they’re still legally compliant. Most of this deluge of helpful content is written by either employment lawyers or HR…

one hand preventing punch of another hand - stop workplace violence

Avoiding Workplace Violence

Avoiding Workplace Violence It’s been a couple weeks now since the tragic shooting of two television station employees in Virginia. First, let me say that we join everyone else in the country in extending our sympathy and shared grief to the families and coworkers of the victims, Alison Parker and Adam Ward. And we keep…

bag of cash to show that employee handbook templates will cost you...

Will an Employee Handbook Template Save You Money?

Give me 5 minutes, and I’ll turn a $49 investment into $40,000.

Recently, we asked ourselves, does anyone have a relatively good handbook template for sale online? We gathered metrics from Google and Google Adwords, and it did not take long to find a $49.99 “customized” employee handbook. So, we grabbed a copy to see if it was, well, “decent.” Here’s what we found out.