Skeleton businessman working in the office to illustrate HR-appropriate Halloween

Happy HR-Appropriate Halloween!

Happy HR-Appropriate Halloween! Halloween decorations and costumes are a major source of fun for many people. For some, going all-out with these things is the best part of the holiday. As your trusty HR advisors, we have to do that thing where we remind you that there are some precautions you need to take when…

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10 Tips for Your Office Holiday Party: An HR Infographic

As you start planning your holiday parties for 2016, take a look at these HR holiday party planning tips! Here’s CEDR’s latest HR infographic: 10 Tips for Your Office Holiday Party. For easy reference, are the 10 tips depicted above. Hold your holiday party off premises—there’s less liability. Schedule it for a weeknight—people tend to…

stress at the holidays has gotten to this woman

HR Tips to Keep the Holidays Sane

HR Tips to Keep the Holidays Sane There’s nothing like the holidays for combining fun and good cheer with turkey-sized helpings of stress and exhaustion. So how can we keep stress levels low and the management headaches minimal this time of year? Here are some ideas for limiting holiday-caused hassles within the office environment. 1….