Employee Working Interviews: Are They Legal?

September 20, 2016

Your office finally has a GOOD problem: It’s growing, and you need to hire more people. Of course you want to hire the best person possible, and you find yourself worrying about how to find that candidate. You want more than just an impressive resume; you want to see them in action before you go…

Employee Reference Check Form

5 Best-Kept Secrets to Reference Checks

March 21, 2015

At CEDR Solutions, we often get questions that sound something like this: Look, I know I did this backwards, but I hired someone and now we have a problem. She seemed great in the interview, but after we hired her, we discovered [insert inappropriate/shocking/ stupefying/scary behavior here]. So, I decided to call her references and…

Determining how to pay for new employees

Establishing the Rate of Pay for New Employees

March 20, 2015

How Much Do I Pay? Do I Make Them Earn It? A frequent question we get here at CEDR is: “I’ve found a potential employee, but how much should I offer to pay them when I don’t yet know what they’re worth?” It’s a legitimate question and an understandable concern. You don’t want to offer…

writing the perfect job ad to get the best employees

Writing the Perfect (and Legal) Job Ad

March 20, 2015

Attracting not only a good applicant, but the right applicant, to read and apply to your job ad centers around a very important solution: advertise to the employees you want to keep. How? It starts with writing the perfect (and legal) job ad. First, you need to create a list of what your ideal candidate…

a successful behavioral interview

Behavioral Interview: An Employer’s Best Hiring Tool

March 19, 2015

Or “How to Find and Hire the Right Employees Every Time” A great hiring tool that all medical and dental office managers and doctors should have in their arsenal is the “behavioral interview.” What is a behavioral interview, you may ask? To get a better understanding of what a behavior-based interview is, we should first…