pic of pretty smiling woman hugging handsome smiling man in wheelchair, illustrates that discrimination against the woman might be a case of associative discrimination

Identifying and Avoiding Associative Discrimination Under the ADA

December 13, 2016

Beth was usually a reliable employee, but recently she seemed less focused, even if she was still getting her job done. The news of her husband’s cancer had hit her hard, and it looked like he might need some pretty extensive care. Even though Beth had been Dr. Spencer’s office manager for 10 years, he…

image of young asian female employee wearing headset and looking ambiguous to illustrate joint employment - whose employee is she?

Joint Employment

October 14, 2016

“She’s Not My Employee…Right?” Why Joint Employment is One Big Problem Recently, the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) updated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) with expanded guidance on joint employment. These new rules could have major impacts on your liability and bottom line! While you may not consider someone your employee,…

male employee sitting on couch with laptop, working from home

Working from Home: Employee Dream, Employer Nightmare

July 6, 2016

More and more frequently, employees ask for and value the opportunity to work remotely from home—and in many ways, technology is making working from home increasingly convenient. Call forwarding systems can make calls made from personal cell phones look like they are coming from your office. Additionally, computer programs such as LogMeIn allow employees to…

dental checkup picture to illustrate employee treatment benefits

Offering In-house Employee Treatment Benefits

May 2, 2016

Four Simple Rules for Controlling Risks and Costs Companies often offer their employees discounts on their products, and this much-appreciated benefit tends to lower turnover and increase employee satisfaction. But how do dental and medical offices give their employees an in-house treatment benefit without running afoul of employment and labor laws? Additionally, many doctors are…

Businessman hiding flowers behind back to depict office romance

Office Romances

May 2, 2016

Love Gone Wrong: Preventing Office Romance and Workplace Fraternization Issues Lately, you’ve noticed something different about two of your employees. It started with the little smiles they exchanged throughout the day, then moved on to flirtatious teasing. Now, you realize that there’s an office romance brewing right under your nose. It’s obvious that love is…

umpire signaling you're out, symbolizing a three strikes employee discipline policy

Three Strikes, Everybody’s Out

December 11, 2015

Why “Three Strikes” Employee Discipline Policies Don’t Work, and What to Use Instead Just like umpires on the baseball field, employers are constantly making hard calls about employee performance. What level of corrective action is necessary if an employee has a huge swing and a miss? What if they don’t even try to hit the…

this tattooed, bearded hipster is a walking dress code violation

Cracking the Dress Code

September 21, 2015

What Not to Wear, Workplace Edition Do you forbid your team to wear blue jeans while at work? What about blue fingernails…or blue hair? Or maybe you have policies that discuss tattoos, piercings, jewelry, or headwear. As anyone who has ever managed a team of employees knows, getting everyone to conform to the desired “look”…


Your New Hire Needs HIPAA Compliance Training

August 7, 2015

HIPAA. It elicits groans across the healthcare industry. But as a healthcare employer, you must stay up to date in your training and compliance efforts. This applies to ALL medical AND dental practices! All too often, HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) gets treated as just one more thing you have to worry…

Have a grievance procedure so dissatisfied employees can express complaints

An Ounce of Prevention: How Grievance Procedures Can Help Protect You

July 8, 2015

When employees complain, smart employers listen. I know, the last thing most employers want in their office is a lot of complaining, and we understand the desire to tune it out! But we also know that the only way to solve a problem, and solve it early, before it gets big, complicated, and expensive, is…

medical marijuana in the workplace, us marijuana laws

Medical Marijuana and the Workplace: Is Your Policy Up-to-Date?

June 8, 2015

The legalization of marijuana for medical or recreational use is a legal trend that is sweeping the country. Do you know how these marijuana laws impact you and your employees? Almost 50% of states have some law legalizing medical usage, and as of early 2015, four states have legalized it for recreational use (Colorado, Oregon,…