Do you struggle over how to calmly resolve difficult employee issues?
Feel vulnerable to complaints that arise from terminations?
Worry you haven’t fully protected your practice from liability?

No longer!

Learn How to Resolve Employee Conflict & Avoid Lawsuits!

Medical and dental practice owners and managers often struggle knowing how to resolve difficult employee issues or how to respond in emotionally charged situations. They feel vulnerable to frivolous (and legitimate) complaints that arise from discipline and terminations. They worry that they haven’t protected their practice from liability.

CEDR Solutions, led by Paul Edwards, brings refreshing realism, industry-leading knowledge, and proven HR and practice management methods to every presentation, with an emphasis on helping doctors and their managers successfully handle employee issues, safely navigate the complex, ever-changing employment law landscape, and regain control of their offices.

Learn how to find, hire and keep the best employees for your practice, strategies for resolving difficult employee issues in the office, and how to terminate an employee without fear and with dignity.

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   Presentation Topics:

There is a way to successfully run your business and have great employees… without fearing the legal system. Learn “how” at your next meeting!

How to Solve Any Problem with Any Employee

Feel confident, not nervous, when confronting an employee and asking for change.

The Devil’s in the Details

How the Little Things Can Help You… or COST You!

Finding, Interviewing, Hiring and Keeping Great Employees

Make your next hire successful and avoid the legal danger zone with these advanced hiring techniques.

Firing without Fear or Consequences: Advanced HR Course

Terminating an employee does not have to be scary or put you at risk for complaints if done right.

HR Intensive: Not for the Faint of Heart

Interactive, down-and-dirty discussion of Human Resources and its role in your practice.

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   Meet Paul, CEDR’s CEO

Speaker, Author, Expert

Paul Edwards is the CEO and Co-Founder of CEDR HR Solutions. Paul has over 25 years of experience as a manager and business owner. He is well-known throughout the dental and medical communities for his expertise and specialty in helping doctors successfully handle employee issues and safely navigate the complex and ever-changing employment and labor law landscape. Paul and his team of CEDR experts regularly speak at seminars, conferences and CE courses throughout the country.

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