Help Practices Just Like You Succeed!

Love your customized employee handbook and unlimited HR support network that you can call anytime with a question or concern? Why not share it with your colleagues or study group? Just like you, we really appreciate referrals.

How it works: When you refer a colleague to CEDR, we reward both of you!

  • FOR YOU: For every dental or healthcare provider that you refer to CEDR who purchases an employee handbook, you receive two (2) FREE months of Solution support!
  • FOR THEM: When they purchase an employee handbook from us and mention your name, they receive an automatic $200 discount right off the top, just because you referred them to us!

Sharing with your colleagues is fast and easy, and there’s no limit to how many colleagues you can refer – or how many refferal rewards you can receive. To keep it all simple, though, we’ve outlined a few ways to participate:


Just copy and paste the text into a blank email from you, add your name and your colleague’s name, and hit send. The letter will have our contact information clearly listed, so your colleague can get ahold of us by phone or email at his/her convenience.

 Download a sample email template!


Simply share with them the name(s) of your associate(s) and their email addresses and we’ll send out ONE (1) email with membership and savings information, complete with a letter mentioning your name as their reference. Call our sales team 866-414-6056 or

Email our sales team

Referral Code

Simply give your colleague a special code to provide to CEDR when they call or email us: “CEDR17
We’ll ask them who provided the code, to make sure you receive your 2 free months of Solution Center membership.

From the whole CEDR Team, thank you for your referral!