Less paperwork and more time—it’s every manager’s dream, whether you own the practice or run the office. So, wouldn’t it be great if your office practically managed itself—or at least if your technological tools made your life a LOT easier in every aspect of HR, managing, and recordkeeping?

At CEDR, that’s the goal of each piece of HR tech we develop. Here’s what we’re currently most excited about. (CEDR members, it’s good to be you: All these tools and benefits come included in CEDR membership!)

Your HR Vault: Shiny online management for all your employee files.

Keeping up with employee paperwork is a huge time-drain for managers, but we’re trying to make it 80% quicker and easier with CEDR’s cloud-based HR Vault. Imagine distributing a newly updated copy of your employee handbook to every member of your team with a few clicks of your mouse—and with a couple more clicks, requiring that all employees sign to acknowledge they’ve read and understand your policies.

Or hiring a new employee, and almost effortlessly distributing, tracking, and collecting signed copies of their new hire paperwork.

Or about a dozen other recurring HR situations. You’ll easily be able to upload and manage existing paperwork you need to retain, control file visibility, add notes to employee files to instantly improve your HR recordkeeping, and make quick announcements to your team. Before you know it, your HR life will center around managing your employees, not your file cabinet.

You’ll have online access to the Vault wherever and whenever you need it, and behind the scenes, we use file encryption, frequent backups, and robust servers to help keep employee data safe. Simple and secure e-sign technology is included, and getting started is a breeze.

The HR Vault is already in testing by CEDR members—and you’ll probably want to become a member when you see how awesome it is—but even non-members can sign up to be notified when we release the public version. The HR Vault will be available to everyone. Just click here!

And, hey, CEDR members: If you’re not using your HR Vault and you want help getting started, contact us today and we’ll help you get your employees in there right away. We’re here for you! And you’re going to love your new HR superpowers.

The Members Area: Endless HR riches, soon to be better than ever.

To really make your life as a manager amazing, you want user-friendly, instantly accessible HR solutions that all work together. That’s where CEDR’s Members Area comes in. It’s the portal to all your HR tools, including the HR Vault, HIPAA training for your whole office (more about that in a minute), video training about your handbook policies, timekeeping and payroll solutions for healthcare employers, and all the other HR and partner services we can think of.

But CEDR members’ online resources don’t end there: The Members Area is also an e-library with employer training on every topic; an online database jam-packed with critical HR forms; your resource for updates about state and federal law changes; and a way to instantly access UNLIMITED HR guidance through the Solution Center. This includes contacting our expert advisors for timely responses, information, and support.

CEDR membership is always improving in value, too! Stay tuned for our Members Area redesign, launching later this summer, because your HR life is about to turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly. My favorite new feature is MyTickets, where you can set appointments, ask advisors your HR questions, and access all your previous Solution Center conversations and resources in one place. We’re always working to make compliance easier, and your experience as a CEDR member richer and more satisfying. (We want the Members Area to be so cool, you’ll hang out in there for fun!)

YourHIPAATraining.com: HIPAA training for employees and managers.

Want even more high-tech HR? I mentioned HIPAA training earlier in this article, and while members get free, included access, YourHIPAATraining.com is designed for ALL independent healthcare employers and employees—practice owners, managers, and all employees—even if you’re not yet a CEDR member. And getting started is a snap. Got five minutes?

Convenient, cost-effective compliance—that’s what we designed YourHIPAATraining.com to be. Without paying anything extra, you get online HIPAA training courses at both basic and advanced levels. Each trained employee or manager receives a certificate of completion to help you prove your training and compliance efforts.

Better yet, our employee training video series has just been updated in response to the same HIPAA audit protocol used by HHS, with advanced course updates underway. No one wants to deal with a HIPAA breach, let alone face an audit, but our goal is to help you get your office compliant, know what’s required, and be able to prove you followed through.

To help with that, YourHIPAATraining.com includes a HIPAA Plan Book to help you work towards complete compliance. With YourHIPAATraining.com (YHT), your Security and/or Privacy Officer, all managers, and all employees, can be trained and maintain ongoing access to training and resources. You can join today and train your team, retrain, or train new hires anytime (no more shutting down your office for a day, or rescheduling an in-person training session).

And YHT is cloud-based, so the online training videos are available wherever and whenever it’s convenient for you. Please check it out, because when it comes to HR technology that makes compliance easier, YourHIPAATraining.com takes the cake. And that means your life as an employer gets safer and better.

(Mmm, cake.)

Life is great as a CEDR member, and pretty great as a customer, too.

There’s no denying it, HR compliance is tough—but we’re here to make it less so by giving you the best tools possible. After all, knowledge is only power when it’s accessible, and these shiny HR tech solutions are designed to put expertise (and CEDR’s experts!) always at your fingertips, just a click or two away.

Again, you can start HIPAA training or sign up to hear when the Vault is ready even without a membership—just click the links above. Or, if you’re a medical or dental employer at an independent practice you can choose to get started with a CEDR employee handbook—bring your policies into HR compliance and have them customized by experts, just for you—and then try out everything else we’ve got to offer.

And CEDR members, if you’re not using every one of the resources mentioned here, please let us know so you can start taking advantage.