Millennials in the Workplace: A CEDR Infographic

If your practice isn’t powered by Millennials yet – the generation of workers born (roughly) between 1981 and 1996 – it soon will be. Check out CEDR’s latest infographic: The Millennial-Powered Workforce.

Millennials (also known as Generation Y) have taken some flak for being different from previous generations when it comes to values, motivation, and work ethic. But with numbers 80 million strong, they’re in the workforce to stay. Is it possible that Millennials can make great employees? Here are the facts!

Characteristics of Millenials in the workplace

Like any other generation, Millennials are multifaceted and have their own characteristic positive traits.

And like any other employee, it helps to understand where a person is coming from, but management is ultimately all about the positive and measurable goals you set together, and your coaching process.

What’s your takeaway? With the right policies, tools, and techniques in place, managing Millennials is no different from managing any other employee.

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Have questions about managing Millennials? As always, doctors, medical and dental practice owners, and their managers are welcome to contact CEDR for guidance. Just call 866-414-6056 or email Our HR experts will answer your question or solve one issue for free!

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Aug 15, 2014

Friendly Disclaimer: This information is general in nature and is not intended to provide legal advice or replace individual guidance about a specific issue with an attorney or HR expert. The information on this page is general human resources guidance that is believed to be current as of the date of publication. Note that CEDR is not a law firm, and as the law is always changing, you should consult with a qualified attorney or HR expert who is familiar with all of the facts of your situation before making a decision about any human resources or employment law matter.
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