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Hi, Jameson Management coaches: From all of us at CEDR HR Solutions, thank you for your referrals! Your clients deserve the best resources available, and we appreciate the opportunity to help them solve the HR puzzles that exist within their office.

When you enter your referral’s information, they will receive a welcome letter explaining what CEDR offers and how we can serve them, along with the first email in our popular Employer Solution Series. Below, you’ll find a video and talking points you can use to share more information about how CEDR can help in their office.

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Share these points with your clients anytime:

  1. Who is CEDR: We are an executive-level HR solution for dental practices looking for an HR partner.
  2. What does CEDR do: We prevent & solve employment problems—and we’re great at it! We do this through legally compliant policies & expert HR guidance.
  3. Years in business: 10+
  4. Number of Dental practice owners and managers helped: 2000+ and counting!
    1. How does CEDR help dental offices achieve success: Via a simple two-step process.
    2. A custom Employee Handbook is attorney-written to include federal, state & local law compliance—and what each practice needs.
    3. Unlimited HR support by a team of attorneys and HR professionals. Preventing and solving employee issues before they become legal problems is essential to practice profits—yet we’re more affordable than most phone bills.
  5. What does CEDR provide: The employer resources we provide are truly endless, from monthly Employer Solutions, to HR Base Camp articles, to webinars, podcasts, and more.
  6. What will happen next: One of our Member Services Executives will be in contact to make sure each referral can access their complimentary CEDR benefits, and to see how else we can help.
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Referrals can also contact us at any time! Just call 866-414-6056 or email And if you need special help or more information, just let us know!

Also – below we’ve included some of our best resources for you! Feel free to download and distribute to your clients.

Thank you again! We look forward to working with you.

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