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This post is authored by CEDR Digital Marketing Manager Kyle Lyons.

June is an exciting time here at CEDR because it’s our birthday! This June marks 15 years since CEDR was given an EIN by the IRS, or a stork delivered CEDR to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office (I’m honestly not sure how businesses get created). 

2006 was also the year Pluto was downgraded to a “dwarf planet,” so our marketing department suggested we mark the occasion by picketing outside of NASA headquarters to demand Pluto be restored to its rightful position as the solar system’s 9th planet.

Sadly, Paul didn’t approve that plan and, instead, suggested that we should maybe take a look at launching a new website to celebrate which, to be fair, was probably a better use of our time. As you can see from the slick, shiny, new interface, that new website is here!

Now, look. As our digital marketing manager, I need to walk a fine line here. On the one hand, our old website definitely needed a major overhaul. On the other hand, I did help create the old site, so, if I make fun of it too much, I’m going to make myself sad. 

As we bid the old website a fond(ish) adieu, let’s focus on all of the great new features you can look forward to with the new

What’s new at


#1 – The new website loads much faster!

Fun fact – CEDR’s old website was powered by a hamster named Hammond running on an exercise wheel.

At the time, this seemed like a great way for CEDR to go green and use renewable energy. Sadly, Hammond is nearing retirement age, and we felt it was time for a change. 

I have no idea what’s powering our fancy new website, but it loads QUICKLY, folks. If it’s another hamster, I don’t really want to meet it because it’s probably terrifyingly buff and muscular. In any case, our zippy new website means more time reading our awesome content and less time staring at a blank white page while everything loads. Speaking of blank white pages….   

#2 – The new website actually loads correctly!  

Every so often, the old CEDR website would simply refuse to load. Whether this was because of a coding glitch in the HTML or because Hammond would get sleepy sometimes, we were never able to figure it out.  

In any case, when you type into your browser bar, you can now be reasonably certain that our web page will actually load. Hooray for progress!

#3 – It’s now far easier to find the content you actually want to read about!

After being in business for 15 years, we’ve written a lot of articles– hundreds, in fact. Without an effective and robust search feature, finding content on our website about the subjects that interest you could be rather difficult. 

Our old website’s search function was like an eager but easily confused dog that you’d ask to go fetch your slippers, and he’d come back with a tennis ball clutched in his mouth. You just kind of had to sigh, pat it on the head, and go search Google yourself. But no more! You can easily find whatever you’re looking for by just clicking the magnifying glass icon at the top of every page and typing in the subject you want to read about. 

Even better, the HR Base Camp blog can now be filtered by categories such as “Team Management” or “Firing and Separations” in case you’re sick of reading about COVID-19 stuff and want to skip it. We don’t blame you. We’re kind of sick of writing about it. 

#4 – You can now subscribe to the HR Base Camp blog to get notified whenever there’s a new post!

The HR Base Camp blog is the heart of the new CEDR website. Just like before, you’ll find the latest HR news and updates here as well as the occasional food post where Paul flexes his grilling skills. If you want to get notified about new posts, just type your email address into the “Subscribe via email” box on the Base Camp blog’s home page and click “Subscribe.”  

Ready, set, browse!


So, if you haven’t visited the CEDR website in a while, go check it out!  Here are some of the first pages we’d suggest taking a look at:

Subscribe to the HR Base Camp blog from here –

Read about how CEDR is a pretty sweet company here –

Get answers to frequently asked HR questions here –

If you have any feedback or suggestions for the new website, go to our Contact Us page, or just email us at

Jun 8, 2021

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