Wondering which type of HRA is right for your business?

Both are convenient, tax-free options available to make it easier and more affordable for small-to-mid-sized employers to provide health benefits for their employees.

QSEHRAs work with more health plan types, but there are generally four reasons why you might choose to go with an ICHRA, instead. They are:

  1. If you have or will have 50 or more employees in the future
  2. If you want to reimburse without limits
  3. If you want to offer different reimbursement rates to different employee groups
  4. If you want to offer a group plan and/or dental and vision benefits

If none of these four conditions apply to your business, a QSEHRA is probably the way to go when it comes time to choose a health reimbursement plan.

Need more information? Explore the following resources or reach out to our HRA partners at Take Command Health:

HRAs: The Alternative to Group Health Plans for Small Employers

CEDR’s Employee Health Benefits Guide

QSEHRA vs ICHRA: A Side-by-Side Comparison

CEDR’s Trusted HRA Partner: Take Command Health


Aug 17, 2022

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