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Reclaim your time, prevent wage violations, eliminate payroll errors, and add to your bottom line with the automatic PTO & Time Tracking integration inside HR Vault!

Add PTO & Time Tracking and Try It FREE for 30 Days!

CEDR’s PTO & Time Tracking integration pays for itself, and then some!

Chances are that you already offer some form of time off to your employees.

The problem is that managers spend incredible amounts of time keeping track this time and administering requests for time off.

What if your timekeeping software could do the hard work for you automatically and, instead of spending hours on time and PTO tracking, it only took you a few minutes? That’s just one of the many benefits of the PTO & Time Tracking software inside HR Vault.

We customize the PTO & Time Tracking system inside HR Vault for your office to automatically track time off as employees earn it. It also helps you minimize payroll mistakes, allows for two-click payroll submission, and cuts the time you need to review and respond to time-off requests down to a few seconds.

Using the PTO & Time Tracking system inside HR Vault saves you time and can even add thousands of dollars to your bottom line!

You Save Time and Money When Employees Can Answer Their Own Time-Off Questions.

Your time is valuable. When your employees have to come to you every time they want to request a day off or ask about their time-off balances or timecards, that time adds up quickly.

You’ll spend about one hour per employee, per year answering questions the PTO & Time Tracking integration inside HR Vault can answer automatically.

Use the calculator below to see how much you can add to your bottom line just by making it easier for employees to find answers to their time-off questions on their own:

Savings in dollars per year 

Turn your Vault into an employee dashboard they visit every day!

Business owners and managers aren’t the only ones who benefit from using the PTO & Time Tracking system inside HR Vault — employees love it too!

When you have your team clock in and out in CEDR’s PTO & Time Tracking system, your employees get access to their own unique dashboard that they can access from any computer or mobile device.

There, they can check their time-off balances, review their timecards, edit clocking mistakes (don’t worry — you’ll get a notification whenever this happens), and submit time-off requests with just a few clicks!

Managing your team with HR Vault becomes even easier when you add these timesaving features:

Automatically track employee PTO as it accrues

Easily activate (or restrict) remote clocking

Approve, deny, and modify time-off requests in seconds

Eliminate payroll mishaps with employee timecard approval

Monitor and edit clocking mistakes with ease

Apply geofences to prevent punching in/out outside of work

Pull easy reports that integrate with your payroll provider

Start your Free 30-Day Trial* of the PTO & Time Tracking system in your HR Vault and we’ll also give you free access to our on-demand HIPAA Training system for a full year.

Keep HIPAA Training for the full year even if you don’t continue using PTO & Time Tracking!

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*Autobills at $29.99 per month for 10 employees + $3 per month for each additional employee after the free 30-day trial period ends.