July 10, 2017

Sneak Peek: 3 NEW HR Timesaving Tools

I know your time is valuable. So is your sanity. That’s why our brightest minds and our nerdiest nerds here at CEDR work so hard to create HR tech that preserves both. Most recently, we’ve tackled three of the most time-consuming and painstaking aspects of HR, and I want to share our solutions with you.

These new tech tools are exciting—and I hope you think so, too! They will make your HR and office management more seamless and productive than ever before, at just a fraction of your precious minutes. Read on and meet the tools of hassle-free HR.

Your HR Vault Included in CEDR Membership

The HR Vault is a lightning-quick way to distribute information and collect acknowledgment from employees. It also provides intuitive and nearly automatic organization and storage for HR records you need to retain.

Over 18,000 documents have been shared, signed, and stored in the HR Vault already!

  • Sharing files takes 30 seconds or less. Upload one document, distribute it to one employee, a subset, or all of them, send everyone a quick email notice and you’re done. They log in and read; we keep track.
  • E-signing takes 31 seconds or less. Upload one document, distribute, AND have everyone electronically sign it. Plus, at a glance, keep track of who has and has not signed your documents.

Here are just a few practical uses for this technology:

  • Distribute any document—yep, even a picture of your cat—and decide who can see and open it. You can even make sure it’ll show up right away the next time employees log in. (Sometimes those cute cat pics are urgent!)
  • Distribute or redistribute your employee handbook and the acknowledgment forms, and have all employees acknowledge it.
  • Send everyone a Travel and Training Release form before taking your team to a seminar.
  • Send out or amend your holiday schedule for all employees.
  • Place any document in an employee’s file and decide whether it is private (just for your own records) or not. Or, limit access to just you and your manager, or just you and that employee.
  • Replace your physical HR file cabinet and file folders!

The HR Vault is already in testing by CEDR members—and you’ll probably want to become a member when you see how awesome it is—but even non-members can sign up to be notified when we release the public version. The HR Vault will be available to everyone. Just click here!

The Members Area – Included in CEDR Membership

Accessing HR tools, training, and help should always be quick and easy. Your Members Area is a place to keep all of your employee and HR information (it’s your access point to Your HR Vault, too). The Members Area is your one-stop shop to distribute documents, keep notes, send messages, find information and forms, set an appointment to talk with a CEDR advisor, and integrate with other CEDR services, as well as with partner services such as payroll.

Want to remind yourself to recheck the credentials of one of your providers a year from now? The Members Area has you covered. Want to see if an employee is trained on HIPAA? Or access payroll? Or timekeeping? It can all be done via your CEDR Members Area.

Stay tuned for our Members Area redesign launching later this summer, because your HR life is about to turn from a caterpillar into a butterfly. My favorite new feature is MyTickets, where you can set appointments, ask advisors your HR questions, and access all your previous Solution Center conversations and resources in one place. We’re always working to make compliance easier, and your experience as a CEDR member richer and more satisfying. (We want the Members Area to be so cool, you’ll hang out in there for fun!)

Your HIPAA Training – Included in CEDR Membership

Creating Your HR Vault and a spiffy new Members Area is only the beginning of what our resident HR experts have been up to lately. We’ve also gone to extraordinary efforts to update our HIPAA training system. (And if you are thinking you already have HIPAA covered, please give this a read.)

Here’s the bottom line: For a little over a year now, HHS has been randomly auditing all kinds of healthcare-related businesses—and that includes dental offices as well as medical! We’ve been tracking HHS’ findings and we’ve used that knowledge to revamp and update CEDR’s own HIPAA training, YourHIPAATraining.com.

This means that when your team trains through our system, they are being trained on the HIPAA compliance points that matter the most to HHS.

What else makes YourHIPAATraining.com so great?

  • It’s engaging
  • It’s on-demand, so you can have employees train during downtime
  • It reminds them and you when they need to train again (yearly)
  • It creates a record of their training for you
  • It trains Security and Privacy Officers as well (because much deeper training is required of these managers)
  • It helps your SPO create your plan book

You can read even more about YourHIPAATraining.com’s benefits right here.

Life is great as a CEDR member, and pretty great as a customer, too.

There’s no denying it, HR compliance is tough—but we’re here to make it less so by giving you the best tools possible. After all, knowledge is only power when it’s accessible, and these shiny HR tech solutions are designed to put expertise (and CEDR’s experts!) always at your fingertips, just a click or two away.

Again, you can start HIPAA training or sign up to hear when the Vault is ready even without a membership—just click the links above. Or, if you’re a medical or dental employer at an independent practice you can choose to get started with a CEDR employee handbook—bring your policies into HR compliance and have them customized by experts, just for you—and then try out everything else we’ve got to offer.

And CEDR members, if you’re not using every one of the resources mentioned here, please let us know so you can start taking advantage.

Friendly Disclaimer: This information is general in nature and is not intended to provide legal advice or replace individual guidance about a specific issue with an attorney or HR expert. The information on this page is general human resources guidance that is believed to be current as of the date of publication. Note that CEDR is not a law firm, and as the law is always changing, you should consult with a qualified attorney or HR expert who is familiar with all of the facts of your situation before making a decision about any human resources or employment law matter.


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