More HR Holiday Goodies from CEDR

Did you enjoy Part One of your HR Holiday Care Package?  We hope so!

And the holiday gift-giving season isn’t over. Below, we’ve included one more round of gifts of some of our most popular resources from 2015. From guides to whitepapers to webinars, we hope they help you get your HR in gear for a successful New Year.

Cheers to a successful 2016!

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Exempt Overtime Criteria Changing: A Guide

Changes are coming as to which employees may legally be classified as “exempt” from overtime pay. Here’s some info on the likely new rules and a link to our Classification Guide. Double-check your compliance before the New Year!

Download the Guide 

2016 HR To-Do List: A Whitepaper

This might be your favorite HR gift: 6 steps to guarantee yourself a successful 2016. We’ll guide you in revisiting your current HR tools, repairing any errors the easy way, looking within, and looking ahead. It’s all in here!

Download the Whitepaper 

Activate Your Management Superpowers: A Webinar

Raising your management game to the next level in 2016 means learning how to solve ANY issue with ANY employee in the most efficient and appropriate fashion possible. There are secret tricks to make this easier, and we’re giving them away.

Watch the Webinar 


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CEDR’s Winter Sale

Save up to an additional $300
on a customized employee handbook for your practice if you purchase by December 31, 2015 January 15, 2016.

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Why CEDR Solutions?

Let’s face it – with free employee handbook templates to be found online, or a buddy/colleague with one to borrow, why purchase a handbook from CEDR Solutions? Learn the reasons here, and why our customers love us.