Free HIPAA training, on your terms.

Train any time, anywhere, and keep your team compliant year-round.

Practice Owners and Managers: Only the primary contact for your business should sign up here. You’ll invite the rest of your team to train FROM WITHIN your activated account.

CEDR HR Solutions and start training your team NOW!

The old way of keeping your staff HIPAA compliant is over.
Train your team anytime, anywhere, and keep them current with automatic reminders to retrain.
Train new hires BEFORE they access PHI and keep employees compliant year-round.
Training includes content for your Privacy Officer to learn about their responsibilities, and how to respond to potential HIPAA breaches.
Why shut down your office and pay a trainer for a day of HIPAA training when you can bring your staff into compliance for FREE with CEDR’s on-demand system?
*Second year subscription $199 per year for up to 25 employees.
Need to add more to you plan? It’s only $4 per year for each additional employee over 25.