Test your applicants,
NOT your legal compliance.

Working interviews are common, but most of them are conducted illegally.

Because so many dentists conduct working interviews as part of the hiring process, most presume that the practice must have been vetted at some point.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t. And, for this reason, the vast majority of working interviews today actually go against legal guidelines.

It’s certainly a good idea to test your applicants’ technical abilities before bringing them onboard, but you need to make sure you’re doing so the legal way. Download our new eguide, “Making Working Interviews Work,” to learn:

How to perform working interviews the legal way.

How to interview in a way that gets you the information you need from an applicant.

How to test employee skills without putting your practice in legal jeopardy.

We’ve also included 9 skills tests you can use to evaluate your applicants safely and legally in that guide as a little bonus!