Ask Us Anything!

Friday, January 10 | 1pm EST

Build a stronger team for 2020 with guidance from the best in the business—bring your toughest HR questions and try to stump the experts!

Put more than 30 years of combined HR and employment law experience to work for you.

Your Burning HR Questions, Answered

We help solve more than 10,000 HR issues a year, so bring your toughest questions and try to stump the HR pros!

HR is more than just being compliant with federal, state, and local employment laws (though that’s a big part of it). It’s also about being effective so you have more time to focus on making your office and its culture the absolute best it can be.

Join CEDR CEO and Co-Founder Paul Edwards and Solution Center Manager Grace Godlasky as they sit down to answer the HR questions that plague you.

If you’re facing challenges when it comes to hiring, firing, and team troubleshooting this ‘Ask Me Anything’ is for you! Need to have a tough conversation? Thinking about firing someone? Wondering about the best way to document or discuss an issue with an employee? We can help!

Topics you can cover include:

  • Hiring, firing, onboarding, and resignations
  • Discipline proceedings
  • Dealing with employee drama
  • Cell phone and social media policies
  • Implementing new policies or making policy changes
  • Anything else related to team dynamics and management!

All questions answered anonymously. Submit questions in advance or during the live broadcast to