We offer a complete, customizable HR and team management platform for small to midsize businesses, particularly those in the dental, healthcare, and wellness industries. Start with HR Vault for free and add integrations and upgrades as needed. Our software offerings include:

HR Vault

Our secure document storage and sharing software makes it easy to keep track of all of your employees’ information, including corrective actions and signed documents. Inside HR Vault you can:

  • Store all important employee information securely in the cloud.
  • Upload and store an unlimited number of digital HR documents and files.
  • Share documents with select team members or keep them visible only to you.
  • Collect legally binding digital signatures on your handbook, corrective actions, and other documents.
  • Send reminders for employees to sign documents.
  • Make announcements and send company-wide bulletins to your team.
  • Access our exclusive library of HR forms, documents, educational resources, and more!

Unlock HR Vault for Free for the Life of Your Business!

PTO & Time Tracking

This isn’t your ordinary punch clock! The customizable PTO & Time Tracking integration inside HR Vault makes it easy to:

  • Track employee hours and attendance at a glance.
  • Get notifications when employees punch in or out early or late.
  • Track meal and break periods as required by local laws.
  • Prevent “buddy punching” with geofencing and other features.
  • Get notifications when your employees are getting close to overtime.
  • Track employee time off as it accrues per your office policies and local laws.
  • Make timecard and punching corrections in seconds.
  • Enable employees to check their own time off balances so they don’t have to ask you.
  • Integrates with payroll for two-click payroll submission.
  • Minimize interruptions with digital time-off requests and more!

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On-Demand HIPAA Training

Our on-demand HIPAA Training program makes it easy to keep your team up to date on how to safely handle PHI on your time and on your terms. On-demand HIPAA Training includes:

  • Video training program for all employees on your team.
  • Annual reminders to retrain.
  • Advanced training track for your Privacy and Security Officers.
  • Compliance certificates for employees who complete the program.
  • A “HIPAA Compliant” badge for your company website and more!

HIPAA Train Your Team Free for a Year!