Many doctors are told by their attorneys or colleagues that having no handbook is better than having one that requires constant updates. Their argument is, with no handbook, you won’t have outdated policies on record every time employment laws change.

In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Your handbook is often the ONLY evidence of your intention to comply with state and federal laws and to treat all of your employees fairly and consistently. It lays out rules that apply to everyone, and shows your commitment to providing employees a safe, fair environment to perform their duties.

In addition, by having no handbook, you also don’t have any of the numerous safe harbor policies available to you as an employer, such as burden shifters or alternative dispute resolution requirements. Remember, most employment laws are written for the benefit of the employee, not the employer. An employee simply has to walk through your door to enjoy all the protections available to him or her. But as an employer, you can only claim yours by putting it in writing.

Finally, why REACT to a problem when you can PREVENT it? An employee handbook can help you prevent, address, and solve most common issues before they can escalate. After all, the easiest lawsuit to overcome is the one that never happens!