We hear doctors say this all the time: “I asked my brother’s friend’s cousin, who is an attorney, to write my policies for me,” or “My real estate attorney said he could write my handbook.”

But consider this: An attorney’s specialization is just as crucial as a physician’s. Would you let a cardiologist give you a root canal? Your employee handbook should have the same specialized attention.

Not all attorneys are created equal, and unless the attorney specializes in employment law, they simply don’t have the in-depth knowledge to properly write your handbook. In fact, their process would look a lot like yours: Ask colleagues, make educated guesses, and make liberal use of Google.

There IS one important difference between their research and yours: theirs will cost you upwards of $350 an hour! And of course, the next time there’s a law change in your state, you’ll have to pay them again to update the handbook. And the next time. And the next time. If you need guidance on implementing the policies they come up with, there’s likely to be a hefty hourly consultation fee for that as well.

While there is no replacement for direct legal representation when the situation calls for it, CEDR’s services can help prevent most problems from escalating. Between the lawsuit deterrence a well-written employee handbook provides, and the unlimited HR support and guidance offered by our Solution Center, we can alleviate the need to have your employment law attorney on speed dial.