Once the PTO & Time Tracking tool is activated for your HR Vault account, your employees will see a timekeeping island in their personal HR Vault dashboard whenever they login. They’ll then be able to clock in and out with a single click on the appropriate button inside of that timekeeping island.

The timekeeping island also provides easy access to the employee timekeeping portal. In that portal, employees can review and approve their timecards, correct punching mistakes (if you allow them to do so), review their available time-off balances for any category specified by your business (vacation, sick time, emergency leave, FMLA leave, etc.), see which days other employees on their team have requested time off, and make instant time-off requests.

You’ll get a notification when an employee makes a change to their timecard or submits a time-off request so you can approve, deny, or modify the request whenever it’s convenient for you.

Your PTO & Time Tracking account is customizable to your office policies, as well as the laws in your state, county, or city. The system can be programmed to account for mandated break and customized so that time off accrues at specific rates for specific categories automatically, eliminating the need for manual calculations and tracking. You can also set the system up to send you notifications whenever employees clock in or out late or early, to prevent punching by friends or outside the office, to notify you when employees are approaching overtime, and more.

Your admin portal also makes it easy to monitor employee hours and time off at a glance, pull custom timekeeping and payroll reports, and to submit payroll to your provider in a matter of seconds.

When you put it all together, all of this adds up to fewer payroll mistakes, less wasted time, and added control for you as a business owner.

When you’re ready to upgrade the timekeeping system you use at your office, try the PTO & Time Tracking integration inside HR Vault Free for 30 days.