What comes to mind when you think of an employee handbook? Is it a dry collection of company rules that is read once, then thrown into a desk and promptly forgotten about? For many, it’s not something they’ve considered at all, due to thinking their practice is too small to even worry about such a thing.

The truth is, a professionally written, legally compliant employee handbook is the single most cost-effective tool your office can have. This is true whether your office has 2 employees or 50. It prevents and solves disputes, sets you and your team up for success, and makes virtually all aspects of your business run more smoothly.

The policies and rules included in an employee handbook are important, because they serve multiple purposes. Your office can only be productive if it has clear guidelines that are followed by every member of team, so those expectations need to be explained and disseminated to everyone in your practice. When they are written correctly, these guidelines will greatly benefit both you AND your employees.

It is no exaggeration to say that your employee handbook is the most important written document in your practice, and one of your strongest management tools. A well-written handbook is like a roadmap to success. It provides guidelines and information to help both you and your employees navigate the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges of working in an office, in a way that benefits the practice and your patients. It is also the best way to show your commitment to provide your team with an environment where they can learn and grow.

Simply put, an employee handbook is a powerful tool to make running your practice easier.