Using a purchased or free employee handbook template sounds like a good alternative to writing one yourself, but more than 95% of handbook templates available on the Internet contain dangerous omissions, errors, and out-of-date policies that can obliterate your ability to defend a claim, result in hefty fines or settlements, and cost you tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

And since hundreds of state and federal employment laws are changed or created during the course of each year, a one-size-fits-all template cannot possibly be kept up to date. (This is even more true in states like California, New York, or some others, where the legal provisions employers must comply with are especially numerous and strict.) How many employees you have, your industry, and your office culture also matter when it comes to what policies and protections you need to have in place.

In order to gain all of the benefits and protections available to healthcare employers, you need to have a customized employee handbook written by HR experts and attorneys who specialize in employment law. Besides, there’s no substitute for working with human beings whose knowledge and understanding you can trust.