Self-made or DIY handbooks are very popular with doctors looking to save a few dollars. But just like you wouldn’t recommend that a patient do his own root canal at home to save money, it is just as dangerous to attempt to write your handbook on your own.

The harsh reality is that doctors are 5x more likely to be the target of a complaint from a former or disgruntled employee than a malpractice lawsuit from a patient. And the disgruntled employee does not even need to have a good case in order to get you in trouble. All they need is for their lawyer to find a problematic or illegal policy in your self-written employee handbook.

Writing a handbook requires advanced knowledge of federal, state and even your city’s employment laws, and includes factors such as how many employees you have and what industry you’re in. Plus, these complex laws change so frequently that only an HR expert or an attorney who specializes in employment law has the tools (and the time!) to fully comprehend and keep up with everything.

You went to school to become a doctor, not an employment law attorney. You need someone with specialized knowledge to write your handbook for you so it protects you, not endangers you.