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Our ESS provides employer training and expert guidance on the issues that matter to YOU, delivered to your inbox every month. You’ll soon discover why so many others depend on CEDR’s ESS to provide unbeatable insight on the challenges you face every day.

We’ll provide you with helpful, relevant advice on subjects like these:

Interviewing and Hiring

From finding a better crop of candidates and weeding out the non-starters, to how to interview, hire, and onboard new employees without running afoul of federal or state employment law, it’s all here. Click for sample articles.

Managing Employees

Once you’ve hired, you need to get the best results. This includes laying the right foundation for your working relationship, motivating and empowering employees, and improving your retention rates of rock-star employees. Click for sample articles.

Payroll and Compensation

What should you pay employees and new hires, what are the rules governing how you must pay them? Plus, find out whether and when you must pay employees for travel expenses, training, or seminar attendance. Click for sample articles.

Risk Management

Learn how to correct most HR issues AND avoid the most common risks when running your practice and managing employees. Articles address federal and local laws and the best HR best practices. Click for sample articles.

Discipline and Firing

Here’s where you’ll learn how to solve any problem with any employee through Progressive Corrective Coaching. We’ll provide tools and tricks to managing with confidence and firing safely when you must. Click for sample articles.