New Hygienist, New Dental Hygienist Agreement

Your Agreement acts as your blueprint for success

A productive working relationship starts with your Dental Hygienist Agreement.

We leverage the thousands of Agreements we’ve already written and our years of experience helping doctors and practice managers resolve employee problems. Then we customize just for you.

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Expert-Written for Amazing Results

Your Hygienist Agreement defines terms, establishes boundaries, and helps avoid common employment pitfalls entirely,
so you can start off on the right foot (or tooth!).

Relax, It’s Taken Care Of.

There’s a lot on your mind when you make a new hire. Covering the bases with an expert-written Dental Hygienist Agreement puts your mind more at ease. We think ahead, so you can enjoy the moment.

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Expert Tools for Stronger Management

We’re here to help. It’s what we do.

CEDR is the #1 U.S. provider of dental employee handbooks and expert HR support. We’ve provided full-spectrum policies and HR guidance to thousands of dentists and office managers across the country, helping you stay in compliance, armoring your practice against risk and liability, and empowering you for growth and success.

It’s All In There.

A comprehensive Hygienist Agreement and HR experts you can call anytime leaves you and your new hygienist ready to get to work.

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