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As a dentist or dental professional, your time is precious. You know you need robust, enforceable office policies and strong dental practice management strategies to prevent problems with your staff. But you don’t have hours and hours to spend scouring Google for ever-changing employment laws, best management practices, or risk avoidance tactics.

It’s time to make dental HR easier.

With CEDR Solutions, you’ll get:

  • An employee handbook customized just for your practice
  • Unlimited access to CEDR HR experts and attorneys for proactive solutions
  • Painless policy updates when local or federal laws change
  • Proven guidance for hiring better and building a stronger team

HR doesn’t have to be hard. Let’s get started.

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Each CEDR product and service is a powerful dental office management solution at your fingertips.

Your Employee Handbook Doesn’t Just Make Running Your Practice Easier. It Protects You, Too.

The most fundamental tool in any dental practice isn’t your drill. It’s your employee handbook. Your handbook sets employee expectations, helps you avoid or resolve disputes, creates legal safe harbors, AND drastically lowers the risks you face as a dental employer.

But to have all those superpowers, your handbook must comply with hundreds of constantly-changing federal, state, and local laws. It needs customizations for the dental industry and your business size. And it must be tailored to fit your goals and your practice, in ways that address your needs without harming your legal compliance.

CEDR currently works with over 1,000 dental offices across the country, so we know the dental industry inside and out. And our team of attorneys and SHRM-certified HR experts has decades of combined legal, HR, and management experience. Added together, you get first-class expertise and experience that we put to work for you.

Let CEDR HR Solutions do all the hard work of researching and writing a turn-key employee handbook for your practice, so you can concentrate on what you do best: creating beautiful smiles.

Have an HR or employee problem? We can help with that.

Ever wish there was an “easy button” for employee management or HR questions? Now there is.

With CEDR’s Solution Center, you receive unlimited access to HR advisors with strong legal backgrounds and tons of experience. From hiring, to problem-solving, to leaves of absence, to whether you can safely let someone go, you can call or email our advisors with your questions or concerns anytime. We are YOUR advocates. We’ll evaluate your options and help you implement a strategic action plan that complies with the law and is fair to employees, but ultimately protects your interests. And when we say advisor access is “unlimited” we mean unlimited. No time limits, no call limits, and no extra charges!

But live help is still only the tip of the iceberg. You’ll also get 24/7 access to the CEDR Member’s Area. It’s jam-packed with useful forms, articles, training videos, resources, state updates, and more. Membership also includes access to our on-demand, online HIPAA training program, a paperless document vault, and, our powerful cloud-based timekeeping system.

In short, we do your HR heavy lifting for you. With CEDR on your side, you’ll never face a tough employee issue alone again.

Your HIPAA Compliance Solution is Here

Much like Human Resources, HIPAA does not need to feel complicated or stressful. And we can prove it. We’ve made HIPAA training convenient, user-friendly and cost-effective for all dental offices, with

Our comprehensive training program includes courses for both supervisors and employees. It covers all 2013 HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule mandates, and addresses critical areas of HIPAA compliance that include office safety, what HIPAA is and what it requires, how to protect PHI and successfully handle any breach you encounter, and how compliance with ARRA, HITECH, and OSHA dovetail with HIPAA compliance.

Access to is currently an included benefit for CEDR Members, at no extra charge. But for those offices that just need HIPAA training, you can also purchase the program on its own.

Our program is your best HIPAA training option and could save you many thousands in violations prevented. And since enforcement is expected to ramp up steeply in coming years, your chance to become truly HIPAA compliant is now.

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