New Hire Checklist

Download the pretty version HERE.


Prior to Hire:

Employee application on file

Background check forms signed

References checked

Background check completed

Upon Hiring:

Personnel file created

New Hire Letter and Any State Required Wage Notices

I-9 form completed , federal-state withholding W-4 (available for download at: and

State withholding forms available at:

Copy of Employee Handbook distributed and all Acknowledgements signed and returned

Initial Discussion items with employee:


Getting acquainted period

Performance reviews and Corrective Action Policy


Bonus plan

Insurance benefits eligibility

Sick leave – Call Out Procedure

Vacation eligibility

Recording of Time

Open door/employee concern reporting

Obtain copy of any necessary certifications

Job description – 1 for personnel file, 1 for employee

Keys/access codes (if applicable)

Nametag/uniform (if provided by office)

HBV Acceptance/Declination (medical/dental only)

HIPAA statement and training materials (medical/dental only)