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Hiring Peace-of-Mind in 15 Minutes or Less!

Looking for a tool that would allow you to evaluate a job candidate’s potential before you hire him/her? CEDR HR Solutions, powered by Omnia, offers custom behavioral assessment reports for DENTAL and MEDICAL practices with instant, online results.

In 15 minutes or less, you can discover how compatible a potential job candidate is for the position you’re trying to fill before he/she even walks out the door!

A CEDR Behavioral Profile will:

  • Save you the time and effort of 2nd, 3rd or 4th interviews
  • Lessen your stress wondering if you saw the candidate’s *real* personality and compatibility
  • Give you relief knowing you have an accurate behavioral Target Profile to help you make your final decision

We have top-performing job target profiles created for dental and medical offices based on our database of top performers and extensive research. Take the guesswork out of hiring and managing top talent with behavioral assessments! And best part is, CEDR members enjoy special pricing just for being a member!

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What Do You Get?

CEDR Members receive one FREE behavioral report in the initial package purchase, plus all job target profiles FREE! Each Behavioral Target Profile includes:

Examples of Target Profiles:

  • Receptionist or Front Desk Coordinator
  • Office Manager
  • Patient Records Specialist
  • Financial Coordinator
  • Associate Doctor/Dentist
  • Dental Hygienist
  • And more!

Comparison to Target
Using the 8-column behavioral graph and the Performance Criteria graphs, a visual and
written comparison is given of the participant to the target ranges.

Participant’s Key Traits
Details the participant’s taller Profile columns. Provides specific behavioral information regardless of his/her fit to the role.

Management Insight
Provides management advice in communicating, motivating, and the best way to manage the employee if he/she is hired.

Interview Questions
Provides 6 behaviorally based supplemental interview questions from Omnia’s database. Questions are based on the Profile results.

Call today to discuss your exclusive CEDR Member pricing. Or fill out the form below!

Carletta Cylatt | 813-280-3026