california employer fills out california wage notice form

California Wage Notice Guidance for Employers

July 10, 2019

Hire Right: The California Wage Notice You already know that it’s difficult to be an employer in the state of California. In fact, if you’re a California employer, you’re probably sick and tired of people telling you how difficult it is to be an employer in the Golden State.  Let’s flip that soggy old narrative…

young asian business woman preparing for an interview

How Employers Can (and Should) Prep for Interviews

July 2, 2019

Employers, Not Just Applicants, Should Prepare for Interviews. Here’s How. Interviewees know that perhaps the most important part of the interview is the prep work they do for beforehand.  What should I wear to give off the right vibe? Don’t slouch, stand tall, shake hands firmly. Smile… but not too much…  With these and so…

young woman standing in front of four peers, with the word internship overlaid

Unpaid Intern or Employee?

May 1, 2019

Should Your Unpaid Intern Be Classified as an Employee? Summertime is approaching fast, and we all know what that means: an influx of bored students with loads of extra free time. And, in proper summer tradition, you can expect that many of those students will be looking to earn a few bucks and/or gain experience…


Eliminating Implicit Bias In Employment Decisions

April 22, 2019

Implicit Bias: Keeping Personal Assumptions out of Important Employment Decisions. Implicit Bias is a hot topic these days, and one that could easily creep into the fabric of your company culture, whether you are aware of it or not (and probably not, hence the descriptor “implicit”). Most of us are aware of the many benefits…


Writing Great Job Ads to Attract AMAZING Hires

May 23, 2017

Writing Great Job Ads to Attract AMAZING Hires The perfect job candidate is out there somewhere, but how do you find that person and get them to apply for your open position? Better yet, how do you find several seemingly perfect candidates and get them all to apply, so you can select the best of…