ICHRA & QSEHRA can help employers save vs group health plans

HRAs: The Alternative to Group Healthcare Plans for Small Employers

September 18, 2019

HRAs Are Changing the Way Employers Provide Health Benefits Guest post by Ali Prosek, Client Success Manager at Take Command Health (a CEDR partner company) What is an HRA? Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) are a type of employer-funded health benefit that allows employers to reimburse employees for qualifying medical expenses and premiums tax-free. When designing…

Pregnant Woman Holding Ultrasound Scan Of Her Baby

Do I Have to Hire Someone Because They Are Pregnant?

September 4, 2019

She Didn’t Tell Me She Was Pregnant. Do I Still Have to Hire Her? Picture this: You hire an employee who seems to be a perfect fit for your team. You formally offer her the job, train her up, and her first week goes swimmingly. Then, just as she’s starting to gel with you and…

Left-handed dentist holding toothbrush poses with young patient

Do I Have to Hire Someone Because They’re Left-Handed?

August 28, 2019

Can I Refuse to Hire a Candidate Because They’re Left-Handed? “I have been searching for a dental assistant and finally found someone and offered them the job. I just found out that he’s left-handed. I’m right-handed and each of my operatories are set up for right-handed dentistry. Do I still have to hire him?” We have…

Don't allow rumors about women sleeping with the boss

How to Deal With Rumors in the Workplace

August 21, 2019

Don’t Allow Rumors in the Workplace. Here’s Why: Let’s start with a basic rule of thumb: Don’t allow rumors about anyone sleeping with anyone else in your business to go unaddressed.  Though this issue tends to affect one gender more than the other, the problems caused by gossip can certainly cut both ways. In this…

Magnifying Glass Online Fingerprint Representing Background Checks

When to Perform Background Checks for New Dental and Medical Employees

August 7, 2019

Do I Need to Do a Background Check When Hiring for My Practice? JoAn Majors — professional speaker, author, and host of the SpouseTales dental podcast — holds Mondays “sacred.”  She says it’s the only day she gets to set aside as free from duties at her husband Chuck’s dental office, where she serves as…

Jeweled high heel shoe next to a gold box labeled "hr cinderella story"

What To Do When Your New Hire Leaves Without Filling Out Their Paperwork

July 24, 2019

An HR Cinderella Story: What To Do When Your New Hire Leaves Without Filling Out Their Paperwork Unfortunately, this HR Cinderella story isn’t nearly as romantic as the original, though it is a much more common tale: Cinderella left before she filled out her new hire paperwork and you’re not sure how to process her…

Sad man holding his belongings in a box while being fired by his female boss

Why Employers Should Tell Employees the Truth When Firing

July 17, 2019

Why You Should Tell Employees the Truth When Firing Them When an employee is terminated and seeks out legal counsel, one of the first questions they’ll need to answer is, “what reason did your employer give for firing you?” The answer to that question is what steers that rest of that legal consultation, and ultimately the…

young asian business woman preparing for an interview

How Employers Can (and Should) Prep for Interviews

July 2, 2019

Employers, Not Just Applicants, Should Prepare for Interviews. Here’s How. Interviewees know that perhaps the most important part of the interview is the prep work they do for beforehand.  What should I wear to give off the right vibe? Don’t slouch, stand tall, shake hands firmly. Smile… but not too much…  With these and so…

Diverse people having good talk at coworking space.

5 Non-Monetary Benefits to Highlight in Your Next Job Ad

June 25, 2019

5 Non-Monetary Benefits to Highlight in Your Next Job Ad Happy employees make for a better, more productive workplace. It’s the type of thing that we all know implicitly, and yet a recent Gallup poll indicates that a majority of American employees still count themselves as “disengaged” from their jobs. But engaged employees are your…

Pile of hundred dollar bills with a judge's gavel

Why California Employers Need to Watch Their Pay Stub Data

June 18, 2019

Double-Check Your Pay Stub Format (or Pay Up!) in California You may recall us harping on how important it is to take responsibility for your own wage and hour compliance as an employer. The data included on employee pay stubs is one area where you need to be hyper-vigilant that you’re meeting what’s required by…