Biometric scanning and religious accomodationg

Religious Accommodations for Biometric Security: The Mark of the Beast

March 12, 2019

Biometric Time Clocks and Religious Accommodations: What You Need to Know Picture this: you’ve just purchased a flashy new biometric time clock and you and your staff couldn’t be happier. It’s 2019 – technology is here to make our lives easier. No more old-fashioned punch cards! No more extra passwords to remember when logging in…

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Letting an Employee Go Before The Last Day of Their Resignation

March 1, 2019

You Asked, We Answered: Can I Let an Employee Go Before the Last Day Given in Their Resignation Notice? Question: I had an employee give 4-weeks notice that she was leaving. Through online advertising and word of mouth, we found a wonderful new employee almost immediately. The new candidate was available to start work right…

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Budgeting Payroll Costs & Strategies for Payroll Reduction

February 21, 2019

You Asked, We Answered: Calculating Payroll Budget & Strategies for Payroll Reduction Question: Our practice is working on a new budget. We want to reduce payroll costs to 23 percent of collections. I’m not sure where to start! What should I be factoring in as a “payroll cost” (continuing education, uniforms)? And what are the…