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January 5
Medical Office Manager webinar
Tucson, AZ

January 10
Progressive Study Club
Santa Ynes, CA

January 26
W. Central Study Club webinar
Tucson, AZ

January 26-27
Blatchford Dynamo
Portland, OR

February 1
Medical Office Manager
Tucson, AZ

February 15
DOCS Webinar

February 21
Beverly Hills Study Club
Beverly Hills,CA

March 9
PAHCOM webinar
Tucson, AZ

April 7
Southwest New Mexico Dental Society

April 19-22
Las Vegas, NV

April 22-25
American Association of Orthopaedic Executives
Indianapolis, IN

April 27-28
Blatchford Dynamo
Chicago, IL

May 11-12
Blatchford Peak Performance
Chicago, IL

June 7
AADOM webinar
Tucson, AZ

June 23
Doreen Mayhew CPAs
Southfield, MI

September 7-9
AADOM Conference
Scottsdale, AZ

September 14-15
Blatchford Dynamo
Portland, OR