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Why you need an employment agreement with your hygienists

July 7, 2017

When it’s time for your practice to hire a new hygienist, one of the first things you’ll need to determine is how they’ll be paid. A professionally written hygienist agreement makes sure both you and your new employee are clear on their compensation structure and terms of employment. It’s a great foundation for a productive…

Hiring Muscle

Build Your Hiring Muscles

May 22, 2017

Are you 100% happy with your hiring process? If not, this podcast is for you. Join CEDR CEO & co-founder Paul Edwards, who along with HR Expert Michele Oliver, will provide hiring tips & advice that will give your practice a huge advantage in this increasingly competitive labor market.

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Equal Pay Legislation Trends

November 21, 2016

HR expert Grace Godlasky joins CEDR’s CEO and co-founder Paul Edwards to discuss equal pay measures being passed by states across the country, and how they can affect your practice.

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Paying Employees for Travel and Seminar Time

April 11, 2016

Should your employee be on the clock when attending a seminar? How about when travelling to one? CEDR’s CEO and co-founder Paul Edwards is joined by HR expert Chris Lessard to discuss what you, as the employer, must pay for when an employee travels.

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Managing Your Manager

March 9, 2016

Turning your best employee into your practice’s best manager can pay big dividends, or you could end up losing both. CEDR’s co-founder Paul Edwards explains what you, as the practice owner, can do to ensure everything goes smoothly when promoting an employee.

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Workmans Compensation De-mystified

February 22, 2016

CEDR Co-founder Paul Edwards and HR expert Michele Oliver discuss what employers should keep in mind when dealing with workmans compensation claims.

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Holiday Parties

November 20, 2015

It’s that time of year! Holiday parties are always fun, but they can also easily get out of control and cause serious workplace issues. CEDR CEO Paul Edwards joins today’s special guest HR expert Michelle Oliver to discuss how to throw a fun, drama-free party for your employees. And for the additional tips mentioned during…


Leave Management for Small Offices

September 1, 2015

In this podcast Paul Edwards and Michelle Oliver discuss the need to properly address leaves of absence for situations such as medical or temporary disability, by including a properly written policy in your employee handbook. Warning: Not all policies are properly written!


9 Things You Never Want to Hear An Employee Say

August 7, 2015

Today’s Live from HR Base Camp podcast is hosted by CEDR CEO and co-founder Paul Edwards, along with HR expert Kurt Tullar, and they’ll be discussing what to do if you learn an employee has been saying problematic things.