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backstageHR is live!

When CEDR members and their managers log into your CEDR online portal beginning on August 10th, you are going to see a brand new HR system along with a new name for the members portal. No worries, it is still powered by CEDR HR Solutions! 100’s of members have been beta testing and sending us feedback so far, and if that’s you, THANK YOU!

Why We Named it backstageHR

We picked the name backstageHR for the portal quite intentionally. It is designed to support the idea that you and your team are constantly working “backstage” in order to fulfill the needs of your patients, employees, and the practice itself. We know much of that work is related to HR tasks, so we set out to build an easy-to-use comprehensive HR system that supports you and your team’s HR needs.

Listen to a short discussion from our Founder and CEO Paul Edwards, about why this change and the new name are personal!

We don’t know if you think of yourselves as rock stars; we do!

This idea that, both literally and figuratively, there is a lot going on in the background that people never see is not new. Restaurants have front of house and back of house. Disney describes the area where employees and supporting cast gather, where customers are never allowed in their backstage. Every live music show or play you’ve ever been to has numerous people and processes running backstage operations before, during, and after the show. Ultimately, it's so that performers can perform best for the audience at the front of the stage.

In your business, there has to be an incredible amount of ongoing work in the background to make what happens out front look easy. We love the backstage analogy because we know that every day as a small business owner and manager, you and your team are constantly working towards the best clinical outcomes and experiences for your patients. Your “backstage” must always be humming along.

This idea that there is a "back" and a "front" team working together for the common good and that your patients' experiences hinge on a great backstage team is a great way to think of how we all run our businesses. For more on how you might introduce backstage thinking to your team as a management tool.

What you can expect

What does it take to support a business like yours? Once again, just like it is with every great show, it takes organized people and processes to get the best outcomes. That is exactly what you can expect from your backstageHR interface. It is designed and continuously being improved in order to support your team and, most importantly, your HR efforts.

We will be adding features, more educational courses, easier-to-run background checks, a brand-new resource area (that is far more intuitive), and a new onboarding process for your new employees in the coming weeks and months. Likewise, we are hyper-focused on releasing the mobile version of this HR system soon.

Aug 3, 2023

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