Avoid at All Costs: Top 10 Policies You SHOULDN’T Have

Did you catch our recent post about 10 policies your employee handbook definitely should include? To keep things balanced, here’s another installment in our “Top 10” series: a list of Top 10 Policies You SHOULDN’T Have in your employee handbook.

If you find any of these policies, or their close cousins, in your handbook, STOP USING THEM IMMEDIATELY and seek assistance to quietly fix them.

10. Your right to privacy is respected.
9.  Pregnant employees may continue to work so long as it does not affect your health, or the health of your baby.
8. All employees are expected to be respectful and courteous to coworkers, management, and our patients at all times.
7. If a seminar falls on a non-work day (Saturday or Sunday), you will not receive pay for that day. If it falls on a normal workday, you will be paid your daily rate.
6. Upon quitting or termination, you must return all company property prior to receiving your final paycheck.
5. All practice matters, including information about the doctor, management or patients, are confidential.
4. Gossiping is strictly forbidden.
3. Unauthorized overtime will not be paid.
2. Employees may not post negative or defamatory remarks about the company, doctor, management or coworkers online or on social media.
1. Salary information is strictly confidential, and should not be discussed with other employees or unauthorized persons, on or off the job.

So how did you do? Do any of them seem familiar?

With the average cost of litigation and settlement around $125k, the last thing you want is to be informed about an illegal policy by an employee – or worse, by an employee’s attorney. Our recommendation is that you clean up any of these bad policies before they come back to bite you.

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Friendly Disclaimer: This information is general in nature, and is not intended to replace good counsel about a specific issue with either your attorney or your favorite HR expert.

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