November 14, 2013

ACA Pricing Tool: Quick, Easy, and Anonymous (as of 11/13/13)

ACA pricing tool and word cloud

We know everyone is struggling with the new requirements of the ACA, and while we are NOT health insurance specialists, the issue of benefits does fall under the “HR” category. One tiny contribution we can offer is to help you determine – within seconds! – the likely cost of insurance for you and your medical or dental office employees through the ACA insurance exchange.

We’d like to share a pretty cool and easy-to-use online tool that we discovered this week. It seems that three enterprising programmers put together a website that literally allows you to anonymously query the ACA databases. In just a couple of clicks, this site reports back how much it will cost you and your family to obtain health insurance through the new individual exchange.

Best of all, it’s quick and easy: you need only to enter your age, income, and zip code, with no other identifying information required. Results took our employees about ten seconds each to obtain. It is my understanding that this tool is using the current government databases for its insurance quotes, in cooperation with HHS or whoever is in charge of screwing this whole thing up. Note that if your state has its own exchange, this may not work for you.

At the end of this post are two links. After you visit the HealthSherpa website, and if you are able to get a quote (based on our results, you probably will be), I ask that you return and answer a 1-question anonymous survey telling us if the price you found is higher, lower or the same as what you currently pay. After all, we’re all interested in finding out whether healthcare costs are, on average, getting cheaper or more expensive for our medical and dental employees.

We can’t warranty this information, and the exercise and websites are purely for informational purposes. You should not rely on this information to make your final decisions.

Link HERE for the Health Sherpa, the ACA-based site for pricing.

After obtaining your pricing info, click HERE for our anonymous, 1-question survey.

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