Myth #4

Myth #4

“We took several good employee handbooks and put them together to sort of make our own, so we are covered.”

Fact # 4:   A personal note from CEDR’s Director. As an employment expert, I am not qualified to perform dentistry or to do what you do.

Since I attend a lot of conferences where sedation and dentistry techniques in general are taught, I have decided that opening my own little dental practice here in Arizona would be a good idea and a good way to save my friends and family some money. I know just enough to get by, I think.  For instance, I know the contra indicators for prescribing  antibiotics, and I know that I need to ask if the patient has had any kind of joint replacement.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I do know the antibiotics might cause the joint to reject an implant. Still, since I’ve been to several of these conferences, even though I’m not an expert, I figure my new patients and I will be fine!  Right?

For all the “do it yourselfers” out there, yes, you are intelligent. If all you did was study and keep up to date on all things employment related, you would be able to cobble together and maintain a high quality employee handbook that protects you.  However, I dare submit that you have even less knowledge about what should be in your employee handbook than I have about dentistry. Did you attend more than 20 Human Resource Conferences as I attended dental conferences last year?  Like you have time for that.  Well, don’t worry. I know I am still not qualified to do dentistry.  The point is that your self -made, downloaded, borrowed, cobbled together, 5 year old handbook is NOT what you want to put between you and an investigation or employee lawsuit. If you do, you have about as much chance of surviving intact as my new patients.

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