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Medical Practice Employee Handbooks

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No matter the size of your medical practice, you must know which current state and federal employment rules apply to you. And it’s not enough to get those rules mostly right… you have to be 100% compliant with all laws 100% of the time to avoid lawsuits, fines and penalties. Far too many doctors must settle or lose costly lawsuits simply because they are not protected by expert-written, legally sound policies.

Don’t take chances with protecting your practice – let CEDR’s custom-made medical office employee handbook save you time and money. Our attorneys and HR experts will work with you to create the medical office policies and procedures you need.

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Dental Practice Employee Handbooks

Every dental practice in the United States needs an attorney-reviewed, comprehensive dental employee handbook that is customized to your practice and up-to-date on all state and federal employment laws. Not only does it provide you with essential policies and tools you need to confidently and effectively address employee issues in your office, but it also delivers critical protections and safe-harbors from lawsuits and fines.

You wouldn’t fill a cavity or do a root canal without the proper tools, and running your practice should be no different. Protect your practice, your investment, and your time – by letting CEDR’s HR and employment law experts do all the hard work for you.

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CEDR is the nation’s #1 provider of customized dental employee handbooks and HR support. See why dentists love us.


Dr. Carol Throckmorton, MO, 6.3.2013


There is no way that in a small business where there are many hats to your job that you can keep up with all the latest government regulations and standards. CEDR does that for you so you don't have to worry about non compliance.

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